Create new watchlist

A watchlist is a set of points in the sky, together with a radius in arcseconds. It is assumed to be a list of "interesting" sources, so that any transient that falls within the radius of one of the sources might indicate activity of that source. Each user of the Lasair system has their own set of watchlists, and can be alerted when a ZTF transient is coincident with a watchlist source.

You can create a watchlist of sources by preparing a text file, where each comma-separated or |-separated line has RA and Dec in decimal degrees, an identifier, with optional radius in arcseconds. One way to do this is with Vizier and a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers. Here is an example of the data. The 42 entries are BL Lac candidates for TeV observations (Massaro+, 2013)

An "Active" watchlist is one that is run every day, so that it is up to date with the latest objects.

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