7.524050, 26.290583

Discovery Date: 2022-05-12 11:33:39 UTC
Discovery MJD: 59711.48
Disc r-Mag: 16.31±0.09
Latest Date: 2023-05-30 10:42:46 UTC
Latest MJD: 60094.45
Latest r-Mag: 16.74±0.08
Peak Mag 14.94±0.03 (g-band)
Peak Date 2022-11-26 04:41:05
Peak MJD 59909.20
Detection Count 54 (excluding 67 neg flux detections)
Equatorial Coords 00:30:5.772, 26:17:26.100
Galactic Coords 116.991777, -36.334891
Ecliptic Coords 17.713464, 21.080337

Transient Name Server

This transient has probably not been reported to the TNS as yet. Check the TNS directly at this location.

Sherlock Contextual Classification

Prediction: Cataclysmic Variable

The transient is synonymous with SDSS J003005.79+261726.2; a V=17.18 mag cv found in the SDSS/GSC/DOWNES/GAIA/PS1/RITTER catalogues. Its located 0.5" from the cv core.

Difference Image Lightcurve

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